path dependence and policy change

(2011). Path Dependence and the Measurement of Change in Housing Policy. Housing, Theory and Society: Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 305-319.

Policy networks compose one central avenue of institutional development, for both the reproduction of path-dependence and the making of institutional change. The exposition challenges political economy of development frameworks which over-emphasize structural (initial) conditions and assume steady (rent-seeking) behavior of state agents.

Path dependence is strong in housing institutions and policy. In both Denmark and Sweden, today’s universal and ‘unitary’ (Kemeny) housing regimes can be traced back to institutions that were introduced fifty years back in history or more. Recently, universal and

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Munich Personal RePEc Archive Shifting to a Green Economy: Lock-in, Path Dependence, and Policy Options Kemp-Benedict, Eric Stockholm Environment Institute 25 November 2014 Online at MPRA Paper No. 60175

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How do “Mineral-States” Learn? Path-Dependence, Networks, and Policy Change in the Development of Economic Institutions JOSE´ CARLOS ORIHUELA* Pontificia Universidad Cato´lica del Peru´, Lima, Peru Summary. — Based on case-study methods, I draw

This paper proposes a critical review of some of the main applications of path-dependence in economic theory. In particular, it calls attention on those theories clarifying the micro-foundations of path-dependent processes in economics. In the field of innovation, path

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SHIFTING TO A GREEN ECONOMY: LOCK-IN, PATH DEPENDENCE, AND POLICY OPTIONS SEI WP 2014- 08 1. INTRODUCTION The fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) points out the benefits of action on

15/12/2010 · Path dependence Theory – The above social risk factors were addressed because they are changeable, which is essential to the premise that preventive intervention is effective. However, bringing about the change is difficult. In social science, path dependence is an

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Path Dependence, Lock-In, and History 207 sensitivity to starting points exists but has no implied inefficiency first-degree path dependence. Where information is imperfect, a second possibility arises. In this case, it is possible that efficient decisions may not

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1 Comparing path dependence and path departure in family policy development – the example of Germany and Finland Birgit Pfau-Effinger Paper for presentation at Stream 18 ESPAnet annual conference 2011 in Valencia ‘Family Policy in Transition’ Timo

Path dependence and regional economic evolution Path dependence and regional economic evolution Martin, Ron; Sunley, Peter 2006-08-05 00:00:00 In recent years, economic geographers have seized on the concepts of ‘path dependence’ and ‘lock-in’ as key ingredients in constructing an evolutionary approach to their subject.

Path dependence has been offered as an alternative analytical perspective for economics, a revolutionary reformulation of the neoclassical paradigm. Brian Arthur, a leading figure in this literature, distinguishes between 「conventional economics,」 which largely avoids

Recommended Citation Hathaway, Oona A., 「Path Dependence in the Law: The Course and Pattern of Legal Change in a Common Law System」 (2003). John M. Olin Center for Studies in Law, Economics, and Public Policy Working Papers.270. https

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Advanced Review Climate geoengineering: issues of path-dependence and socio-technical lock-in Rose C. Cairns∗ As academic and policy interest in climate geoengineering grows, the potential irreversibility of technological developments in this domain has been

Background and Objectives Energy systems are largely characterised by path dependence. Decisions taken in the past limit the options available today. Fuel choices, conversion technologies and distribution networks involve physical, financial, governance and

Path Dependence, Innovation and the Economics of Climate Change Philippe Aghion, Cameron Hepburn, Alexander Teytelboym, Dimitri Zenghelis Shifting our fossil-fuelled civilisation to clean modes of production and consumption requires deep transformations

Path dependency and contingency Historical outcomes are rarely determined by some set of antecedent conditions. Instead, the outcome that occurs is the result of an extended series of events and conditions, each stage of which is subject to substantial contingency and conjunctures.

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– 1 – Path dependence: when “history matters” “Path dependence” is an important concept for social scientists engaged in studying processes of change, as it is for students of dynamic phenomena in nature. A dynamic process whose evolution is governed by its

Among them, the notion of path dependence has gained prominence, in particular when an explanation for the rigidification of organizational routines and strategies is at stake. The distinguishing feature of this concept is its emphasis on self-reinforcing mechanisms when explaining the dynamics of narrowing down the scope of alternative actions in and among organizations.

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Path Dependence and Health Policy: Intersections between the Past and the Future EDITORIAL HEALTHCARE POLICY Vol.9 No.1, 2013 [9] Rais and colleagues on high-cost users of healthcare services. Many of the home care clients studied by Diane Doran

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Path Dependence 89 their richer counterparts, but that has not happened. Douglas North has suggested that country-level success depends on the proper build-up of institutions, behaviors, and law. Metaphorically speaking, some countries start out eating their peas

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Economics, and Public Policy Working Papers Yale Law School Other Scholarship 3-1-2003 Path Dependence in the Law: The Course and Pattern of Legal Change in a Common Law System Oona A. Hathaway Yale Law School, [email protected]

A richer line of thought suggests that path dependence means that policy change is shaped and limited by constraints imposed by past policy. This, in part, necessitates that the analyst identify 「critical junctures,」 periods of 「major change」 in which the underlying direction of policy is fundamentally altered.

Path dependence of farmers』 technical choices for managing climate risk combined with farmers』 difficulties in discerning climate change from natural variability might hamper adaptation to climate change. We examine the effects of climate variability and change on

Escaping Path-Dependence Essays on Foresight and Environmental Management_专业资料 35人阅读|15次下载 Escaping Path-Dependence Essays on Foresight and Environmental Management_专业资料。I am especially grateful to my supervisor Prof. Ahti Salo

Path dependence and the evolution of conventions, organizations and institutions. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 5(2), 205–220. Crossref, Google Scholar DiMaggio, PJ and WW Powell [1983] The iron cage revisited: Institutional isomorphism.

The Treadmill of Industrial Agriculture It has become evident that conventional industrial agriculture, as practiced in high-income countries and many economies in transition and characterized by large-scale commodity monoculture, high inputs of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, long supply chains, mass disposal, and a heavy emphasis on industrial meat production, is not sustainable. We

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Patterns of Change in the Use of Imprisonment in the American States: An Integration of Path Dependence, Punctuated Equilibrium and Policy Design Approaches ANNE LARASON SCHNEIDER, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY This study analyzes changes from

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The influence of system interlinkages on path dependence and path creation in energy systems (submitted to Research Policy). • Path dependence and policy innovation – Heiskanen, E., Kivisaari, S., Lovio, R., & Mickwitz, P. 2009. Designed to travel? Transition

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REFLExIvITY, PATh DEPENDENCE, AND DISEqUILIbRIUM DYNAMICS 5 some reflections on some of the broader implications of the theory of reflexivity for economic analysis and policy. Soros’s theory of reflexivity The first proposition of Soros’s theory is that

This book highlights the necessity to include path-dependency, pre-conflict institutions and societal divisions to understand the patterns of institutional change in post-war societies and the ongoing risk of civil war recurrence.

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7: Institutions, Path Dependency and Public Transport 107 Low and Astle’s (2009) and Curtis and Low’s (2012) research on urban trans-port in Australian cities shows that structural changes, land use planning, access to funding, accountability frameworks and

One sub-theme in particular that keeps cropping up in my head is that of path dependence. The implications are relevant not just for businesses but also for areas as wide-ranging as parenting, energy policy, fashion, medical research, how felons are treated

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The Missing Link Between the Theory and Empirics of Path Dependence: Conceptual Clarification, Testability Issue, and Methodological Implications joms_913 736..759 Jean-Philippe Vergne and Rodolphe Durand HEC Paris abstract Path dependence is a central

Policy networks compose one central avenue of institutional development, for both the reproduction of path-dependence and the making of institutional change. The exposition challenges political economy of development frameworks which over-emphasize structural (initial) conditions and assume steady (rent-seeking) behavior of state agents.

Critical Junctures and Path Dependency in “Why Nations Fail”: Implications for U.S. Foreign Aid Policy 06/20/2013 06/20/2013 Michael Adamson Books, History

5/4/2020 · Path dependence has been criticized because it provides an overly static view of the world and for its poor treatment of institutional change. The thesis seeks to remedy these shortcomings and presents a case study based on increasing returns and institutional

How do “Mineral-States” Learn? Path-Dependence, Networks, and Policy Change in the Development of Economic Institutions Jose Carlos Orihuela () World Development, 2013, vol. 43, issue C, 138-148 Abstract: Based on case-study methods, I draw lessons from the political economy of macroeconomic management in Chile and Peru to explain how “mineral-states” learn to think long term and

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path dependence of the legal regimes affecting wind power development in some instances is signi fi cant and that policy implementation therefore may be seriously hampered.

Report examining ways future cities can manage change effectively. Stay at home Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home) If you go out, stay 2

Thanks, Johnny. I think the relationship you may be looking for is this ” . . . the thing does not change in an unexpected way with respect to some parameter one is measuring” and how both system stability and path dependence relate to it, rather than the

Path Dependence and Public Policy: Lessons from Economics Stephen E. Margolis 8. Can Path Dependence Explain Institutional Change? Two Approaches Applied to Welfare State Reform Bernhard Ebbinghaus Index Add to Wish List Share Email Twitter £81

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Theory: Path dependence • Economies inherit the legacy of their past developments and this shapes the possibilities for the future. • “A probabilistic and contingent process (in which) at each moment in historical time the suite of possible future evolutionary

path dependence in a sentence – Use 「path dependence」 in a sentence 1. He considers the resulting path dependence in policy-making a 」 trap 「. 2. Lemann suggests it is 」 the phenomenon economists call path dependence .」 click for more sentences of path

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The nature and conditions of transformative change (Ch 12 of Institutional Barriers) • How does change of path occur? Can change be deliberately shaped? • The theory of path dependence itself holds that new paths emerge at ‘critical junctures’ in which chance

Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) 16 Apply Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) filter Path Dependence, and Policy Options Shifting to a Green Economy: Lock-in, Path Dependence, and Policy Options In the

Definition and synonyms of path from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of path.View American English definition of path. Change your default dictionary to American English. View the pronunciation for path

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Modeling Path Dependence in Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change Netra B. Chhetri,∗ William E. Easterling,† Adam Terando,‡ and Linda Mearns ∗School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning and the Consortium for Science, Policy, & Outcomes, Arizona State University

Signorile, Jacopo (2012) The impact of regionalisation and europeanization on regional development policies in Italy: policy innovation and path dependence. PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Abstract Scholars have proposed