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In 2003 when Hong Kong and major cities of mainland China were heavily affected by the SARS outbreak, the HKMA and SFC separately issued multiple circulars stressing the importance of comprehensive business continuity planning. They also recommended

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Back Circulars 2017/02/21 Problems with Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong? Dear Member, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) conducted a survey in May last year after hearing about businesses in Hong Kong experiencing difficulties

To align with the announcement by the Government on 21 March to provide essential, emergency and limited public services only starting from 23 March in order to reduce the risk of a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19 in the community, the Companies Registry will

Audit Commission – The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,香港特別行政區政府 – 審計署

表格編號 表格名稱 下載表格 可輸入資料的PDF表格 指引 承接帳戶及結束帳戶 WWO 1 申請用戶轉名及保證水務設施條例(第102章)第7條和污水處理服務條例(第463章)第5條所指的事項 PDF 可輸入資料的PDF表格 指引 WWO 1145

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持牌水喉匠 使用於內部供水系統及消防供水的的喉管及裝置 水管工程技術要求及申請指南 水喉工程的良好作業指引 申請供水

香港特別行政區政府,審計署的主頁 我們決心憑藉專業及銳意革新的精神,為公營部門提供獨立的審計服務,並盡力盡善。

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HKMA’s Chief Executive Eddie Yue, who has served HKMA since its establishment in 1993, took up his current position last October. He is well known and respected in the financial arena, so we are eager to hear how he sees Hong Kong’s prospects as an

Back Circulars 2003/05/05 Keeping the international community informed on the SARS situation in Hong Kong Dear Friends of the Chamber, 「Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome」 (SARS), or 「Atypical Pneumonia」 as it is also called, continues to cause a great deal

登入「稅務易」帳戶及簡介 「稅務易」是稅務局電子服務的平台,為你提供一個簡易、安全又環保的渠道,讓你遵守稅務規定。「稅務易」帳戶持有人可使用多項簡便易用的電子服務,便利地履行其稅務責任。

佛教善德英文中學 On 6 March 2019, thirty-one S.5 students taking Economics visited the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Students learnt more about Hong Kong’s monetary and banking history and the functions of the HKMA during a 1-hour guided tour at

No, a registered non-Hong Kong company is not required to keep a significant controllers register. Only a local company formed and registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) or a former Companies Ordinance, excluding a listed company, is required to

In respect of defining data, the HKMA Circulars on Customer Data Protection of 2008 and updated Circular of 2014 are to be included in the process of considering an outsourcing undertaking. In the 2014 update, one of the criteria for assessing data is contained

The HKMA has reiterated in the circulars that it does not expect a “zero failure” outcome from AIs and SVF licensees in respect of money laundering (ML) and terrorist-financing (TF) detection. Importantly, the HKMA has indicated that it will exercise supervisory

HKEX offers Hosting Services, including low-latency co-location with HKEX markets, at its state-of-the-art data centre at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate in Hong Kong. With Hosting Services, customers can access to HKEX core systems and an array of Exchange

The HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) has announced a number of new initiatives aimed at fostering the development of the fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong. Among the initiatives announced at the Hong Kong Fintech Week was the signing of an MoU between Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited and the PBOC’s Institute of Digital Currency to connect eTradeConnect and the PBOC Trade Finance

N2N-AFE(聯盛亞富資訊科技有限公司)是一家領先市場的金融資訊供應商,提供綜合信息、交易和結算解決方案. 自1983年成立,N2N-AFE一直為業務地區之金融業界提供快速、準確、可靠的實時股票行情終

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4September 2010. TheHong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA」) has alsoissued requirements restricting the use of gifts where that is likely to divert or mislead investors』 focus 企om the proper consideration of the investment product being promoted. The Authority

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CL – The HKMA announced back in June 2015 that some banks in Hong Kong may have failed to meet anti-money laundering (“AML”) requirements, specifically in part because the systems they have in place for KYC background checks on clients were inadequate.

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《我的夢》 為慶祝中華人民共和國建國七十周年及「五四運動」一百周年,香港全國青聯委員協進會、香港菁英會及網上青年協會於二 一九年四月四日合辦了一個集大型舞蹈、歌曲及樂器演奏的綜合表演,劇目名為《我的夢》。

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20N (Sunday), HKC Stan10 HO, Stadluns sandy Bay CPA HKMA chi I-IRDA Dr. Em LEI NG SURVEYORS HRIS Mr. LLM HKICPA

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In particular, the HKMA welcomes initiatives such as principal moratorium for mortgages, fees reduction for credit card borrowing and restructuring of repayment schedules for corporate loans. The HKMA has advised the banking industry to take a proactive approach

About Us The parent company of The Peninsula Hotels, The Peak and The Repulse Bay Celebrating 150 years of tradition well served 「We believe that our rich history gives us a fuller understanding of our shared identity, culture and values, enabling us to

December 4, 2017: HKMA issues circulars on FATF statements On December 4th, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority issued circulars recounting the latest statements from the Financial Action Task Force – one circular for Stored Value Facilities (SVF) one for

Hong Kong, 22 July 2019 – ASM Pacific Technology Ltd (ASMPT) in Hong Kong was presented with the Grand Award of the 2019 HKMA Quality Award on Friday 19 July, in recognition of the Company’s total quality management system and deployment. The Hong

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circulars 「RMB Business in Hong Kong (with Frequently Asked Questions)」 dated 19 July 2010, According to the HKMA’s Circular 「RMB Cross-border Trade Settlement and Net Open Position」 dated 23 December 2010, further regulatory requirements

(v) For the purpose of these guidelines, mere extension of DCCO will also be treated as restructuring even if all other terms and conditions remain the same. Project Loans for Non-Infrastructure Sector (i) A loan for a non-infrastructure project will be

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (「HKMA」) has issued a new Supervisory Policy Manual on the regulation of liquidity risk for Hong Kong banks, following a consultation with industry associations. The regulator said the new manual aims to collect in one place all

16Oct2017, HKMA Circular Management Accountability at Registered Institutions 11Oct2017, HKMA & SFC Circulars Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing – Address Verification Requirements 10Oct2017, SFC Circular Call for 11

HKMA, HKFI, and OCI Have (in Effect) Banned Most ILAS Products In a series of circulars issued over the past four years, ILAS regulators have explicitly forbidden insurance intermediaries from selling ILAS products to investors who have no insurance needs

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Press releases issued by Hong Kong’s leading business association. For Immediate Release The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) welcomes the Government’s latest package of measures announced today to safeguard the economy and jobs

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FINMA modified several bank-related circulars in accordance with the changes in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Basel III rules. FINMA is consulting on these changes and the consultation ends on January 31, 2018. Changes are due to

Mr. Edmond Lau, Senior Executive Director of the HKMA, said, “Our joint research project with the Bank of Thailand marks an important first step to solve the pain points of low efficiency and high costs in traditional cross-border payments.

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Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB), DTC Association (DTCA), and HKMA jointly announced the coverage expansion of commercial credit data sharing through the Commercial Credit Reference Agency (CCRA) in Hong Kong.

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